Amanda - Vocal

Leider ist Amander wieder nach England gezogen - aber sie wird immer unsere Gastsängerin bleiben, wenn sie mag und wieder in der Nähe ist!

Name: Amanda Porter

Spitzname: Mand

Geburtstag: 30/07/80

Can’t be as my 3 year old is very grumpy already!

Kaffee oder Tee? Tea, 1 sugar and milk!

Welche Person willst du unbedingt mal treffen?
Oprah Winfrey….What a woman

Das erste, an was Du denkst wenn du folgende Wörter hörst...
...Shopping – Zara! My fave shop in Bielefeld
...Party– Love to let my hair down and get dressed up with lots of make-up! More eye shadow the better!
...Talkshows – Jermey Kyle, love daytime telly
...Musik – Lots…Mostly ballads really Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston
... rosa Elefanten …Sound like a cocktail!

Momentanes Lieblingslied?
Bleeding Love Leona Lewis

Warum machst du ausgerechnet mit den Chilled Peppers Musik?
They’re music, harmonies and good looks! They are musical genius!

Und wer ist dein Lieblings-Red-Hot-Chili-Pepper? The Lead singer of course! He is so hot!

Noch ein letztes Wort? Ein Motto? Eine Weisheit? Irgendwas?
“All you need is love”!

Erzähl doch mal wie du zur Musik gekommen bist!

I come from Hastings UK. Have a 3 year old called Alfie and husband which I see in passing! Am working over here for the MOD. Love Germany although haven’t had the time to learn the language which is frustrating as all the band is German. I will have to learn.

I have been singing since a very young age and love performing. Started in amateur dramatics as love musical Theatre and anything to do with singing. Used to sing sea chants (old fishermen’s songs) to my dad in the pubs when I was younger! I love singing more than I love food and that is a lot of love!

Am in two bands in Germany and am loving it. I feel very privileged to meet other outstanding musicians and have been given the chance to sing with them and make sweet beautiful music!

Sounds great! Go for it!